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This Course Contents

  • 16 Chapters
  • Start by a Preview of What We Build Together
  • Go Over to the Fundamentals of HTML & CSS
  • Followed by the Layout of the Page
  • Leads to User Information & Interaction
  • Going to the Heart of the Page: Tables & the Game Board
  • Finally Resulting Into Modal Windows & Animations
  • 11 in Depth Explained Examples Building Successively a Website
  • 126 Slides Full of Information
  • >4h of Video Content
  • 69 Funny Quizzes to Test and Consolidate Your Knowledge
  • Facebook Community to Seek Out for Help
  • Speak to Me Anytime, Arnold Abraham, Your Instructor
  • Sharpen Your Knowledge by Reading My Extra Articles About HTML & Web Development on My Medium Profile (arnoldcode.medium.com)

16 Chapters to Get You From Zero to Hero

  1. Game Preview
  2. Technical Preview
  3. Arnold & ArnoldCode Preview
  4. Storytime
  5. Introduction to HTML & CSS
  6. How to Create a Website
  7. HTML Structure
  8. The Layout of the Game
  9. CSS Dive
  10. CSS Layout With Flexbox
  11. Responsive Web Design
  12. HTML Lists
  13. HTML Links
  14. Table Markup
  15. Modal Windows
  16. CSS Animations

11 in-Depth Examples

  1. Example arnoldcode.medium.com
  2. Build the Layout Page
  3. CSS Dive
  4. Style the Layout
  5. Responsive Web Design
  6. Normalise Style for All Browsers
  7. HTML Lists Used As Logger
  8. All Kind of Links (Website, Image, Email, File-Download)
  9. Table Creation & Design + Adjust & Exploit to Get Unique Game Board
  10. Modal Windows
  11. CSS Animations

69 Funny Quizzes to Test and Consolidate Your Knowledge

  1. What does the acronym HTML stand for?
  2. What is the ending of an HTML file?
  3. What does the content of an HTML file do?
  4. How does HTML define the elements of a webpage?
  5. What means responsiveness?
  6. Which formal document is the closest to a HTML document?
  7. What is the so-called „div-soup“?
  8. What is the order of specificity? (Left to right)
  9. What does flexbox achieve easily?
  10. Why is flexbox so important?
  11. What does <ul> stands for?
  12. What does <dl> stands for?
  13. What is not the typical use case of a table?
  14. What are the four tags to display a table?
  15. What does this „ transition: color 0.7 ease-in-out 0;" do?
  16. What is a vendor prefix?
  17. How many parts does a keyframe animation have?

and many more...

Wieslaw Grzesik

"Great course! I am having fun watching. Arnold had made an exciting adventure out of learning SQL and databases. The idea of a pirate ship crew as a storyline is really great and creative. But, it is not only about the story or the fun of becoming an SQL Captain – there is real and serious knowledge behind it. Thus, the learning effect is huge. I think this course is suitable for all interested to sneak into the world of databases as well as for professionals seeking to refresh, structure, and review their knowledge (I am one ;)). On top of that – the recordings are of high quality (pictures, background, sound). The knowledge is well structured, the length appropriate. Arnold is very skilled in his matter, so thank you for this course and I am looking to see other courses of this guy!"

Student at Course: SQL & SQLite – Your Pirate Adventure with Shady Deals & Rum!


  Kicker (Intro of the Course)
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  A New Hope - Fundamentals of HTML & CSS
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  Guiding your Way - Layout of the Page
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  Talking to Strangers - User Information & Interaction
Available in days
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  A new Home - Tables & the Game Board
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  Surprising Guests - Modal Windows & Animations
Available in days
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  Thank You & Next Steps - How to go on?
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Patricia Boshoff

"Arnold courses has really helped me with my current studies, I recommend you do these fun courses."

Student at Course: C# Beginner Kingdom: Learn coding by Games +useful Mechanics