Learn Where and How to Start

The first and foremost question that comes into a mind of a beginner is

“What do I need to start?"

This course shows you exactly where to start and why.

For those who want to

learn front-end development.

What You Will Learn

This Bundle Teaches You All Skills Needed

To Be A

Hirable Web Developer

With A

Perfectly Aligned Path to

Save You Time and Effort

Start by a Preview of What We Build Together

Go Over to the Fundamentals and a Deep-Dive Into HTML5 & CSS3

Followed by Layouting for

Desktop, Mobile and Tablets

Leads to an Explorable Application to Play First & Learn Later.

Going to Learn the Basic JavaScript Blocks by Recreating Movie & Series Situations.

Heading Over to Advanced JavaScript Techniques by Selling Charlies Beach House.

Finally Resulting in 3 Major

Real Life


1) Digital HTML Clock

2) Todo List

3) Character Guessing Game

Lear to Build Real Life Applications
Lear to Build Real Life Applications

This bundle is not available for purchase.


"What the hell is going on?” is no phrase you will say during this course.

Every line of code is explained in detail with rich video editing.

My explanations build upon existing common knowledge, like Netflix, Video Games, Pizza Delivery, ruling a cocaine business, and many more.


"How much time should I spend per day learning to program?”

The answer is around 1 - 2 hours.

With this introduction, you've already made a huge step towards a well-paid developer career.

Proven Content

Trying to know everything is actually the biggest problem of all.

Learn exactly what you need as a hireable developer and no bullshit around. Only proven concepts and technologies in rising demand.

This bundle is not available for purchase.

What if You Lose Motivation?

Sometimes learning can be frustrating and too much to grasp.

Not in this course!

You and I are a team and I keep you engaged all the time.

How? With a background story and examples from your favorite series & movies:

Narcos, Family Guy, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Big Mouth, The Simpsons & more...

Coding is an adventure, that's what this course is.

PS: Connect with like-minded people! The Web Development Conquerors. My engaging Facebook Community.

Why Take This Course?

No Boring Memorization Needed

Fun and Emotional Course

Includes All Needed Topics

Learn Passively by Linking Knowledge

Through Visualisation and Emotions

Get Job Ready with the Most Common Techniques

Absolutely Easily Explained In-Depth Examples

Testify and Strengthen Your Knowledge With Assignments Simulating Job Relevant Procedures

Recurring Learning Effect by Funny Quizzes

Clean and Simple Presentation

I give you explanations even a kid memorizes.

Learning mustn't be complex.

It has to be easy.

This bundle is not available for purchase.

31 Modules to Get You From Zero to Hero

  1. Introduction Arnold Abraham / ArnoldCode
  2. Introduction To JavaScript
  3. Setting up the development environment
  4. Lexical Structure Part 1
  5. Types, Values, And Variables
  6. Expressions (&Operators)
  7. Statements (If-Else, Switch & Loops)
  8. Objects
  9. Functions
  10. Methods
  11. Function Properties, Methods, And Constructor
  12. Arrays
  13. Strict Mode
  14. JavaScript in Web Browsers
  15. Thank You & What to do next
  16. Game Preview
  17. Technical Preview
  18. Arnold & ArnoldCode Preview
  19. Storytime
  20. Introduction to HTML & CSS
  21. How to Create a Website
  22. HTML Structure
  23. The Layout of the Game
  24. CSS Dive
  25. CSS Layout With Flexbox
  26. Responsive Web Design
  27. HTML Lists
  28. HTML Links
  29. Table Markup
  30. Modal Windows
  31. CSS Animations

33 In-Depth Explained Examples

  1. Play First - Learn Later
  2. Primitive types (Out of Toilet Paper?)
  3. Objects (Out of Toilet Paper? Again?!)
  4. Mutable by Reference - No Pudding for Jake Harper
  5. Objects with New - Moving In
  6. Functions
  7. Functions 2
  8. Hoisting
  9. Nested - Pizza Delivery
  10. Constructor Invocation - Hotline Pizza
  11. Optional Parameters
  12. Objects & Methods - Five Seconds Takeaway
  13. This Fridge is not my Fridge
  14. Manipulation - Mixed Structures & Cocktails
  15. Dynamic Typing - Ciao Bella, Ciao, Ciao, Ciao
  16. Scopes
  17. The Length Property - Buying Video Games
  18. Strict Mode - How to Apply
  19. Reveal on Click
  20. Digital HTML Clock Different Code
  21. JavaScript in HTML - Outsourcing
  22. Event Handlers - Todo List
  23. Example arnoldcode.medium.com
  24. Build the Layout Page
  25. CSS Dive
  26. Style the Layout
  27. Responsive Web Design
  28. Normalise Style for All Browsers
  29. HTML Lists Used As Logger
  30. All Kind of Links (Website, Image, Email, File-Download)
  31. Table Creation & Design + Adjust & Exploit to Get Unique Game Board
  32. Modal Windows
  33. CSS Animations

69 Funny Quizzes and 18 Assignments

  1. What does the acronym HTML stand for?
  2. What is the ending of an HTML file?
  3. What does the content of an HTML file do?
  4. How does HTML define the elements of a webpage?
  5. What means responsiveness?
  6. Which formal document is the closest to a HTML document?
  7. What is the so-called „div-soup“?
  8. What is the order of specificity? (Left to right)
  9. What does flexbox achieve easily?
  10. Why is flexbox so important?
  11. What does <ul> stands for?
  12. What does <dl> stands for?
  13. What is not the typical use case of a table?
  14. What are the four tags to display a table?
  15. What does this „ transition: color 0.7 ease-in-out 0;" do?
  16. What is a vendor prefix?
  17. How many parts does a keyframe animation have?

and many more...

  1. If Statements - Viva La Bam
  2. Switch Case - Viva La Bam Reloaded
  3. While Loop - Sound of the Police
  4. Do While Loop - Witness Confession
  5. For Loop - Binge-Watching
  6. For Loop - Minute Display
  7. Object Literals - Malibu Beach House
  8. New Object - Waldens Beach House
  9. Querying & Setting Properties - The Exposé
  10. Array Creation - Russian Wild Array
  11. Array Reading - Russian Wild Array
  12. The Beer song
  13. Array Adding - The Italian Menu
  14. Array Deleting - Closed Pizzeria
  15. Array Methods ECMAScript 3 - The Cartel
  16. Array Methods ECMAScript 5 - The Cartel
  17. HTML Clock
  18. Graduation Exercise - Next Level Guessing Game

This bundle is not available for purchase.

What My Students Say

Muhammad Khaliq

"Absolutely recommended to anyone who wants to really learn SQL & SQLite in a fun and engaging way! Thank you so much Arnold!"

Manuel Grammert

"This course is the must have for beginners ! Very good explaining and good comprehension. Highly recommended. Thank you Arnold. Arnold is a really nice and cool docent. I like the way he explains and it is highly comprehensible. Gladly again!"

Niklas Frieling

"Awesome course, humorous and competent instructor. The knowledge learned is deepened with practical examples of games and principles that everyone knows! Many thanks A. Abraham!"

This bundle is not available for purchase.

About Arnold Abraham

Real Teaching Experience

I taught pupils and students during my own studies for 4 years.

My unconventional and personal teaching style helped them to learn quickly.

They were really sad when I had to leave entering the working life.

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I write technical articles and tutorials on Medium.

2021 I was rewarded to be one of the best 1000 authors.

I managed to compete against over 200000 other writers.

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Built Applications like an Automated Planning Calendar, Monitoring of Electrical Charge States, Productgenerator for Enterprise Solutions.

3 years of employment plus 2 years of self-employment/freelancing.