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Rahman Saleh

"The major difference between taking a course by Arnold and anyone else is that Arnold delivers the necessary information in a very interesting way. His sense of humor and enthusiasm for teaching makes the course very easy to take and really enjoyable to watch. The other major reason why I am giving this course 5 stars, is because the timely and detailed answers to any questions student post in the Q&A section. Can’t wait for future courses by Arnold."

Wieslaw Grzesik
Wieslaw Grzesik

"Great course! I am having fun watching. Arnold had made an exciting adventure out of learning SQL and databases. The idea of a pirate ship crew as a storyline is really great and creative. But, it is not only about the story or the fun of becoming an SQL Captain – there is real and serious knowledge behind it. Thus, the learning effect is huge. I think this course is suitable for all interested to sneak into the world of databases as well as for professionals seeking to refresh, structure, and review their knowledge (I am one ;)). On top of that – the recordings are of high quality (pictures, background, sound). The knowledge is well structured, the length appropriate. Arnold is very skilled in his matter, so thank you for this course and I am looking to see other courses of this guy!"

Patricia Boshoff

"Arnold courses has really helped me with my current studies, I recommend you do these fun courses."

Muhammad Khaliq

"Absolutely recommended to anyone who wants to really learn SQL & SQLite in a fun and engaging way! Thank you so much Arnold!"

Hi, I’m Arnold Abraham

I am a Graduated Engineer with several years of experience in the industry developing software for web/desktop and mobile area.

Developing games for over 5 years as a passion and taught other students during my studies in physics and mathematics.

Writing medium articles, mainly about JavaScript.

I love to share knowledge and help the best I can! I want to spread my knowledge with fun and make courses that are journeys instead of hourly long lectures!