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Core Content

Learn about how to install and use SQLite Studio on MAC - Windows - Linux

Learn to create simple & complex Queries and to create and design your own databases

Learn why you should learn SQL and to which positions and jobs this knowledge will carry you

Learn the difference between Lightweight and Centralized Databases & How to find the right solution for yourself

Welcome To SQisLand

You will live through the following adventures:

Start as a pirate candidate on your way to SQisLand

Uncover a riot on your ship on your way

Become a full SQL Pirate

Being captain of your own ship and crew

Discover the 7 tables of the world

Help the scattered Governor of OL’Tables, a little harbor city, to hunt down criminals

Help the scattered Governor of OL’Tables with his proclamation

Help the Lieutenant Commander of Fort Encargo to find convicted inmates in an overcrowded jail and meet the one or other famous pirate (LeChuck, Guybrush, Blackbeard and Jack Sparrow)

Help the padre Luigi of Cloister Consilio to make shady deals and flip yourself a coin easily and meet even more famous pirates (LeChuck, Guybrush, Blackbeard and Jack Sparrow)

Use Padre Luigi to get yourself a nice cut-off from a payout deal

Make shady deals with the Luigi when emptying his rum Hideout

Find all criminals with the help of Lieutenant Commander and Padre Luigi and create a series of the XXX-Files

Build up your own sugar plantation in Fuente el Vamos and run it successfully

Build up your own rum distillery at Puerto de Graduacion and run it successfully

Ultimately create and run your own Rum Business!

Niklas Frieling

"Awesome course, humorous and competent instructor. The knowledge learned is deepened with practical examples of games and principles that everyone knows! Many thanks A. Abraham!"

Rahman Saleh

"The major difference between taking a course by Arnold and anyone else is that Arnold delivers the necessary information in a very interesting way. His sense of humor and enthusiasm for teaching makes the course very easy to take and really enjoyable to watch. The other major reason why I am giving this course 5 stars, is because the timely and detailed answers to any questions student post in the Q&A section. Can’t wait for future courses by Arnold."

Esther van der Vloet

"Really liked the storytelling behind this course. Everything was clear and great examples and exercises."

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  Welcome To This Adventure
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  Your Motivation Behind
Available in days
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  Get to Know The Tools You Are Working With
Available in days
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  Destination: OL'Tables - The Harbour City of SQisLand
Available in days
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  Destination: Fort Encargo - The Jail Of SQisLand
Available in days
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  Destination: Cloister Consilio - The Rum Hideout
Available in days
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  Destination: Fuente El Vamos - The Oasis of Inspiration and Entrepreneurship
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  Destination: Puerte De Graduacion - The Lift Off Harbor
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61 Video Chapters
  1. What is SQL for?
  2. Who is SQL for?
  3. Career Opportunities
  4. Database
  5. Install SQLite Studio
  6. Introduction to the Tools You Use
  7. Why separate tables?
  8. Choosing a database solution?
  9. Lightweight vs Centralised
  10. SELECT Command
  11. WHERE Command
  12. Query Numbers/ Text / NULL
  13. AND OR IN Statement
  14. Fuzzy Filter
  15. Grouping Conditions
  17. ORDER BY
  18. HAVING
  19. CASE
  20. JOIN
  21. UNION
  22. CREATE
  23. DROP
  24. INSERT
  25. UPDATE
  26. DELETE
  27. SQL Views
  28. Primary and Foreign Keys
  29. Database Design & Questions
  30. Security Questions

and many more....

7 Assignments & 51 Examples
  1. The Proclamation
  2. The Payout
  3. The Deal
  4. The Crew Mood
  5. The XXX-Files
  6. The Rum Plantation
  7. The Rum Distillery

Too many examples to list them here...

30 Funny Quizzes
  1. Is SQL only for IT guys?
  2. What is SQL for?
  3. What are the basic components of a database?
  4. Spot the one that is not typical to use a database.
  5. What describes a relational database the best?
  6. Spot the origin idea to use relational databases.
  7. Why do we split tables at all?
  8. What is the main difference between a lightweight solution (SQLite) and a centralized one (MySQL)?
  9. What is the format SQLite stores a database?
  10. When do we use SQLite?
  11. What is SQLite Studio?
  12. How to get only the records of column name of inbounds table?
  13. How to get exactly the records of name & location of inbounds table?
  14. How to get exactly the records of name & entry of inbounds table?
  15. How to get all records/columns from inbounds table?
  16. Which fuzzy filter query is the right to find the guy named ‚Bl?ckb???’ ?

and many more...

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You Will Learn Important Topics

Why learn SQL?, Who should learn SQL?, Difference of Lightweight and Centralized Databases, Choose a suitable Database Solution, Database Design, Relational Databases, Filtering Records, Advanced Query Modifiers, Grouping Records, Sorting Records, Aggregating Records, Filtering on already aggregated Records, Table Design, SQLite Studio

This course teaches you following techniques & commands

SQL & SQLite, The SQL Query Pattern, Simple & Complex SQL Queries, Primary & Foreign Keys, SELECT Command, WHERE Command, AND, OR, IN Statements, CASE Command, JOIN Command, UNION Command, HAVING Command, ORDER BY Command, DROP Command, CREATE Command, INSERT Command, UPDATE Command, DELETE Command, SQL Views